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About Us

Leigh Electrical Controls is a family run business that provide quality systems and integrated service solutions into a wide range of industries such as:


Universities & Schools

Food processing


RAF/ MOD sites

Industrial / commercial offices

Pharmaceutical facilities

Data Centers

High End Residential Properties

We have valuable experience in some of the largest companies across manufacturing and process environment within the UK. Working alongside our partners we want to ensure we provide the best and most efficient system and service to all our clients.

With over 40 year’s experience within the HVAC industry we have a genuine interest in building controls and the long term benefits that an effectively implemented and maintained system can bring, including the lifetime costs of running a building and not least, to the environment.

Leigh Electrical currently have a range of clients that are contractors and / or end users. We have worked with many customers building a relationship and understanding the needs and requirements for successful projects, large or small.

Working with the leading consultants, contractors and end users we are able to provide a comprehensive design to suite our clients requirements, for both power and lighting plus the building management systems within new and existing buildings.

After completion we are also able to offer ongoing specialist  support and maintenance of the system.